SMW is a major metallurgical fabricator serving the aerospace and automotive sectors worldwide.

Our proprietary forging technology for magnesium and aluminum parts deliver an improved microstructure and superior characteristics for high-performance components — and up to 25% in weight reduction.

SMW Forging Capabilities

Where maximizing strength is essential, refining and controlling the grain structure is the mission. Forging process provides for a much stronger and more dependable structure with zero porosity. This is a must for shock-loaded parts. SMW net-shape forgings are produced with a three-dimensional precise die. All surfaces of a forging are formed. Fibers and grain-flow align as directed, conforming to the contours of the finished piece. Eight million kilograms of force of the hydraulic forging press slowly pushes the proprietarily prepared billet into the specially designed multi-component mold, the metal is shaped in accordance with the desired optimized geometry. The resulting microstructure provides for higher mechanical properties and superior fatigue characteristics of the part.

All of the expertise accumulated in the past 20 years is aimed at creating superior high-performance components.

Stronger Alloys

We employ stronger aviation-grade alloys than those commonly used in the industry – so components’ design can be optimized for maximum lightweighting. Specifically, our improved version of the 6151 alloy is almost 10% stronger than a standard 6061.