Proprietary Equipment

SMW uses proprietary equipment, assembled in-house, deploying best in class elements:

– Drives system by Bosch
– Control system — Siemens S7-1200 platform
– Gas circulation system — SMC Pneumatic (Japan)
– Other components made in Russia

3D Scanning

Reverse engineering:

Transforming physical shape / geometry of an object to digital mathematical model, i.e. development of parametric and solid state CAD models based on the results obtained by 3D scanning.

Verification process:

Verifying geometry of 3D printed component by comparing it with values indicated in the drawings (reference sample). This includes quality control of surface and assemblies.

Why Additive Manufacturing?

• Weight reduction
• Bionic design availability for production
• Lower production expenses for complex components, thus competitive price policy
• Less production steps for complex components, thus faster manufacturing/shorter leadtime
• Possibility to achieve 0.25 mm wall thickness
• Easy repair process (for some parts)
• Customer-orientation, complete customization of products/components
• Less parts to assemble (for some components)
• Simultaneous production of multiple components (in some cases)
• Relatively fast prototyping